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Further Market is an advanced business and social place where you communicate with the world, make and reach businesses that are crucial for daily basis and families.

Native Ussd

Mobile App Ussd


Keep in touch
with your groups

Whether it's planning an outing with friends or simply staying on top of your family chats, group conversations should feel effortless.


post photos, videos, status update, chat, follow, like, comment, etc. Easier than ever to meet new people, stay in touch with friends and colleagues; it's Free to use.


Mobile Money Features

When e-wallet goes viral, services payment are the new battle ground for distinction, this is where values added services resides.

Native Ussd Engine

Reach people with low or no internet capabilities in remote areas

Mobile Ussd Engine

With internet, there is better user experience and notifications. You miss nothing

3rd parties API

Statistics shows that more than 30% of gross revenue is done by partners through apis, so you have it all.

Mobile Chat bots Messenger

Because transactions are big part of our daily activities, your customer diserves all time support.

Payment Services

No needs to recreate the wheel, thousands of life service are available on the ussd engine, just enabled under a revenue sharing model.

Wallet core Engine

From Enrollment to everything, complex activities made simple and scalable.

About Us

In Cameroon, we are number one nationwide aggregator with 4th generation ussd engine.

12 Millions+

Ussd Users


Transactions per Day

9 Years

Of Experience